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Metal_Mittwoch Playlist of 2021-05-26

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  1. Motorjesus - Wheels of Purgatory (Stoner Rock, Germany)
  2. Gardenjia - Eater of the worlds (Djent, Italy)
  3. Ghost Brigade - Wretched Blues (Doom Metal, Finland)
  4. Amorphis - Withered (Melodic Death Metal, Finland)
  5. Orodruin - Claw Tower (Doom Metal, United States)
  6. Fall Of The Idols - Black Magic Mushrooms (Doom Metal, Finland)
  7. Neurosis - Raze the Stray (Sludge Metal, United States)
  8. Hyban Draco - Moon's Crust (Black Metal, Spain)
  9. Scheitan - In Battle with Angels (Black Metal, Sweden)
  10. Atrexial - Gargantuan (Black Metal, Spain)
  11. Deicide - Conviction (Death Metal, United States)
  12. Hackneyed - Now I Am Become Death (Death Metal, Germany)
  13. Catarrhal - Funeral Larva (Death Metal, Belgium)
  14. Death - Empty Words (Death Metal, United States)
  15. Jack Slater - Funkenflug (Technical Brutal Death Metal, Germany)
  16. Oblivion - Negative Mass (Technical Death Metal, United States)
  17. Ansur - An Exercise In Depth Of Field (Progressive Metal, Norway)
  18. Episode 13 - Newborn Spy (Black Metal, Turkey)
  19. Pentagram - Bir (Thrash Metal, Turkey)
  20. James Murphy - Red Alert (Progressive Metal, United States)
  21. Free Nelson Mandoomjazz - Funambule (Doom Jazz, Scotland)
  22. Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects - Krapp's Last Tape (Progressive Metal, Sweden)
  23. Opeth - The Baying of the Hounds (Progressive Death Metal, Sweden)

Wed, May 26 2021

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